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Join us for KFF19

Katapult Future Fest is an annual festival focusing on how exponential technologies and impact investing can be used to create a better society for all.

By gathering entrepreneurs, change-makers, investors, thought-leaders and companies for a three-day program in Oslo, Norway, KFF challenges leaders across fields and generations to connect, discuss and collaborate towards a more sustainable and inclusive future.

This year, we will have a focus on consciousness, to understand the psychology of awareness and how we as humans can make conscious decisions in our use of technology.

50+ Impact Startups Pitching

On KFF19 global entrepreneurs who aim to make a positive environmental or societal impact, are going to enter the katapult stage to pitch their idea.

If you'd like to be involved in the matchmaking program, or would like contact details for specific startups, please e-mail


Check out the impact startups that will pitch on KFF19:


Ankeri develops cloud-based software solution for ship owners and charters to share ship performance data. Ankeri is building a market place where ships will be valued based on real performance.

Tomorrow's mission is to organise the world’s carbon data and make it widely accessible and useful.

We're building an app that automatically computes the carbon footprint of your daily activities, and gives you the means to compensate for your emissions.

Proof of Impact is building the global marketplace for impact capital. We are tracking (and verifying) impact events at an individual, granular level, and selling the attribution directly to funders and impact investors.

Our mission is to unlock the inherent value of impact so that money goes where it matters.

CoGo is a platform that connects consumers with businesses that share their environmental and social values.

Empower is building a global plastic waste ecosystem based on the same philosophy as the Norwegian bottle deposit system.

By giving financial rewards in return for the deposit of plastic waste we can both stop leakage of plastic into the environment and cost-efficiently incentivize collection of leaked waste.

The use of Blockchain technology ensures both transparency and traceability throughout the value chain.

Zoom is creating a platform for connecting people with work all over the globe, using the Ethereum blockchain. We believe a fair, democratic system will create a better online world, when all that matters is your skills, not gender, identity or race.

"Walk With Impact" for sustainable and ethical fashion. Ethically produced sneakers made with recycled and natural materials.

Think-it is an engineering collective on a mission to unlock human potential with technology. We accelerate North Africa’s future tech leaders — before integrating them as full-time distributed team members with innovative global partners.

Our unique approach combines agile learning methodologies & state-of-the-art distributed collaboration — with the goal of putting North Africa on the map as a digital innovation hub with highly-qualified & affordable technical talent.

Ilara Health brings accurate and affordable diagnostics to the 500 million people in Africa who today struggle to access a simple blood test.

We distribute low-cost, high-tech diagnostic devices directly to primary care doctors in peri-urban and rural clinics, where the availability of common diagnostics is very poor.

Our proprietary software integrates all the devices that we distribute and enables the doctor to provide effective patient management.

rePurpose helps consumers, workplaces, and brands worldwide go #PlasticNeutral by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their unique environmental footprint.

Moodbytes is a company with a revolutionary approach in the food industry, specializing in designing food. It uses an innovative methodology in the field of modern food. Moodbytes connects modern technology with personal care and food combining health improvement, fun and personalization of dishes.

Farmable delivers mobile-based solutions for precision farming to support fruit and vegetable farmers. We provide farmers with reliable support for daily decision-making, enabling farmers to grow more, while using less human and natural resources

Emata provides access to affordable loans to the single largest financially excluded segment in East-Africa: farmers. We innovate by combining advanced technology with a model that is rooted in Africa’s agricultural realities.

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Exero is developing adaptive sports equipment to make it easier for people with disabilities to stay active.

uaXport delivers an analytical technology platform that streamlines the food industry supply chain logistics, enabling small players to build universal brands and export to global markets.

Carboculture is on a mission to convert atmospheric carbon from biomass waste to a functional material. Cities spend hundreds on millions each on sustaining their green areas.

The CC biochar brings city green infrastructure to thrive, while sequestering the carbon safely in the soil.

Maarifasasa is a socially conscious education technology company in Uganda with a vision to be the leader of an experience age education revolution in Africa.

Maarifasasa’s Virtual Reality solution for education is VirtualSasa. The purpose of VirtualSasa is to ensure easy accessibility of immersive and experiential learning opportunities for all.

Online community where we match your profile based in talent, locations, and educations with projects worldwide.

Allows people travel for free, get accommodations and free holidays plus the host get a project accomplished with the talent for free. Unique accommodations, unique talents everything for the travel world.

Howl For Change is the social marketplace & community for social good which introduces the philanthropic sharing economy of the future for sustained charitable engagement and stronger communities.

By rewarding our user for their charitable participation through our corporate rewards program, Howl For Change helps to foster donor retention and increased volunteer hours for our nonprofit partners, increased revenue for our corporate partners, and healthier communities that are self-reliant and empowered.

Awí is a social enterprise that believes our food must be "radically regenerative" of human and planetary health.

Through its nutrient dense superfood sorbet, Awí seeks to promote thriving health and also (i) value and regenerate the Amazon rainforest via syntropic agriculture on eco-farm schools, partnerships with cooperatives to process "undiscovered" fruits, (ii) improve the lives of local river people via green and social technologies, and (iii) embrace the regenerative and circular economy.

Aquaai is an impact-driven B2B startup using AI, computer vision and eco-friendly robotic fish platforms to gather data from the ocean in an effort to Save the Seas.

The Ocean Bottle empowers individuals to have a direct and transparent impact on stopping ocean plastic, with the world’s most needed reusable bottle.

For each bottle purchased the equivalent of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles are collected in impoverished coastal communities around the world.

Undersee is committed to bring knowledge of the earth oceans to water dependent stakeholders by providing simple access to water quality data. We provide a scalable monitoring service that allows aquaculture companies to save their fish from bad water quality without dealing with sensor maintenance.

Evoy’s vision is to eliminate boating emissions globally. We offer turnkey maritime engines for new and used boats that have 100-900h and have significant range.

Brim Explorer builds and runs next-generation, no-noise and no-pollution, sightseeing ships.

Fishency uses computer vision, artificial intelligence and data analytics to improve sustainability in the fish farming industry.

Burn to Give is a platform that converts calories burned exercising into life-saving nutrition for children in need. For every tracked calorie burned, a calorie is given to an undernourished child.

We are using best-in-class technology to connect people, companies and malnourished children in order to create exponential impact and solve two global problems: obesity and malnutrition.

Develop Diverse is a very intuitive AI-based platform that enables companies to detect and replace socially stereotypical words and media content across its internal and external communication, thus helping them build an inclusive and diverse workforce.

Deversify’s goal is to become the leading provider of individualized knowledge-based wellbeing to empower the mHealth consumers. Deversify develop and commercialize mobile electronic devices and apps to monitor biomarkers for individual health, in new ways

Smartcity for every local government. We help municipalities to cut costs, improve the management of their budgets, and foster new forms of civic engagement.

We do this through a web, mobile and IOT cloud solution that empowers municipal workers to do their work in a more efficient way, and enables citizens and organizations to take an active role in the improvement of their cities.

Thanks to our plug&play and interoperable platform there are millions of citizens receiving better and faster services.

Processim Labs develops college-level educational games. Simulations of complex processes designed specifically for mobile devices that enable students to learn by doing, put their decision-making skills to practice and exercise critical thinking in a fun, entertaining and dynamic way.

Sela is an impact verification platform. Sela connects funders, project managers and communities to bring transparency, measurement and accountability to development projects.

Sela is a platform where funders and beneficiaries can manage and verify that projects are credible and work is completed. Sela creates a digital environment that enables transparent capital deployment and ensures successful project execution.

A global edutainment hub for high-end visual science content, developing a subscription based EdTech solution matching inspirational science videos to worldwide STEM curriculum.

Walkolution produces a manual treadmill for the workplace, enabling office users to walk while working, thereby enhancing human performance and countering the health risks associated with a lack of movement.

Beringar creates clever space with smart sensors powered by machine learning that make buildings talk to people and each other.

Sensefinity is creating the Internet of Cargo, a global platform for Assets in the Supply-Chain to orchestrate their constraints and routes autonomously with the underlying processes to optimize for avoiding spoilage and waste

Red Flash helps to migrate the informal sector to the formal by introducing SMARTR TAX, a digital platform for local tax and revenue collection.

With SMARTR TAX, we digitize information about people and their businesses, as well as the payments (P2G) of taxes and fees.

We generate a significant economic impact on the local governments, we increase transparency and we help with the financial inclusion of people in the informal sector.

ImpactMapper is an online platform for donors, nonprofits, impact investors and companies to track and visualize their social impact.

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At SignLab we teach communities with deaf children sign language. We are building a global learning platform that uses AI for optimizing the users learning progression, and for giving real-time feedback on the users signing.

Alteruna is developing software to train healthcare professionals in virtuellt reality. Better training and more fun leads to safer surgery.

Decentralized Finance for Social Impact, UBI and Disaster Relief.

After reaching 50K+ users through charitable giving and CSR, now leveraging blockchain to disrupt finance through philanthropy.

Oaseit is a gamified green crowdfunding platform. Here users can discover, support, and track amazing environmental projects that grow your green impact. Oaseits mission is to empower people to build a sustainable world!

Swedish Algae Factory is the only company in the world that cultivates and sells high-tech silica shells from algae.

This material has unique light altering, absorptive and binding properties that are unmatched by synthetic materials, with huge markets in the solar cell and personal care industries. It’s a scalable business with high barriers to entry including patents, that also cleans wastewater, absorbs CO2 and recycles nutrients.

Busy Boda is a motorcycle-taxi application currently operating in Nairobi, Kenya designed to revolutionize commute throughout the African continent.

Our mission is to provide customers with an unrivalled quick, easy and safe mode of transport whilst focusing heavily on improving the standard of living of the motorcycle riders.

Human Hotel is a homesharing community on a mission to maximize meaningful meetings among purpose-driven travelers and locals.

Bridging the gap between physical retail and digital financial services enabling increased competitiveness and sustainability through digital receipts.

Our goal is to eliminate the dependancy on wasteful paper receipts and increase cost-efficiency in physical retail. Why get a receipt, when you can have a Zeipt?